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– Doctor Benjamin, I was at your office last year, and the experience could not have been better.  Everything sparkled, and I could see the mountains outside.  However, after you effortlessly corrected my vision, I realized that those were not mountains at all.  The procedure, then, wasn’t really effortless…  all the measurements were detailed and precise.  Some may say that I’m just talking you up, but I don’t care what they say; I tell it how it is.  It seems to me that you have reached your professional potential…  What do you think?

– Some people stay in the same place their entire lives, while others manage to move backwards, and still others are trying to do something better than they did before.

– How are you different from the other doctors, and why did you purchase this incredibly expensive equipment?

– We differ from the others in that we guarantee our results.  Cataract procedures are one of the most frequently-done operations in the US.  Our minimally-invasive procedure is performed with intravenous anesthesia (a drip), with neither sutures nor injections.  In years past, post-operative patients had to return home and use different kinds of drops, – one for inflammation, one as an antibiotic, etc – and for several weeks the patient could do nothing else.  But now, using technology that I have developed, patients need only one type of drop, only one time, and that’s it! It is a comfortable procedure because it does not prevent people from living the rest of their lives.  Plus, if the operation is done by the right person, it eliminates the need for glasses for nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness.  Nowadays, every other doctor in the area can perform these procedures, but in order to receive the best results the surgeon must first have the right skills, and secondly must have the correct, specific diagnostic equipment.  What, then, is the point of having lens implants, which may correct corneal astigmatism, when you don’t know the potential side effects or how to deal with them?  And then the doctors will complain that “your eyes are just like that.”  It is critical to use the exact diagnostic procedures, because the operation actually begins not at the time of the cataracts’ removal, but rather several days if not weeks before.  The correct diagnosis will tell you what type of cataract it is, it will make sure that the retina has viability, and the doctor will understand what’s happening with the cornea, as well as find out if the patient has had Lasik before (which changes everything), or if the eye is unusually dry…

 – And if the eye is unusually dry, then what?

– Then we first need to fix that, because we need the cornea in an ideal state, and only after that can we correct the problems that other doctors won’t even detect.  So that’s why BEI spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on new diagnostic equipment – in order to achieve the best results. We need a concert before the concert.

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(to be continued)

S. Varo


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