Every ailment affecting the human body manifests itself in the eye. Frequently an ophthalmologist is the first physician to diagnose and bring attention to such seemingly unrelated and sometimes asymptomatic systemic conditions as diabetes, thyroid disease, hypertension, elevated cholesterol.

This makes a comprehensive eye examination a very important part of overall health care.

At Benjamin Eye Institute, our specialists focus on consultative treatment for patients looking to improve or diagnose their vision issues as well as help them to identify overall health issues.

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Our practice is dedicated to state of the art solutions for our Los Angeles area eye care patients. We are committed to maintaining eye care treatments on the leading edge of technology and offering the newest ophthalmic and aesthetic techniques.

Our practice has the following technological resources:

Whether you are looking for LASIK, Cataract surgery, or you want to learn more about a given condition that is affecting your life, Dr. Benjamin is waiting to provide you with a solution. We offer a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical solutions for your eye care. We specialize in diagnosis and medical, laser and surgical management of:

Practicing Ophthalmology in the Los Angeles area, where we have treated thousands of patients from all walks of life and cultures is a true pleasure. During your visit with us, please provide Dr. Benjamin with the list of professionals on your healthcare team, and we will make sure that they are informed of our examination findings.

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