Computer Eye Strain Benjamin Eye InstituteEye strain from computer use is the number one complaint of office workers and can cause blurry vision, sore and tired eyes, neck pain, and eventually lead to more serious eye conditions such as nearsightedness.

Here are some tips to help prevent computer eye strain:

  • Keep your distance! Sitting any closer than 20 inches from your display puts you at risk for eye strain. The optional distance between the monitor and your eyes is 24 to 28 inches.
  • Proper lighting. Reducing outside light and using lower intensity bulbs can help to relieve eye strain. In addition to following these tips, an eye doctor can recommend specialized computer eyewear to prevent any computer related eye conditions. The best way to ensure healthy vision for you and your family is through regular, comprehensive eye exams.
  • Take frequent breaks and blink more often while working at the computer to refocus your eyes. It might not make your boss happy, but small breaks allow your eyes to relax.
  • Focus on good posture while using the computer to help prevent shoulder, neck and back pain. Keep your feet flat on the floor and be sure you can easily reach the keyboard.

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