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Disieyd (miGehry


Бейерен, Абрахам Хендрикс натюрморт с карпом

“Ily scrhopr tha we don’t lose st:au of }.t th:ng – tha i was all stanted by a mouse”.
Walt Disiey
“Yeu’ve go to bumble f,.ward into the unknown”.
Frank Gehry

I conducted a surveyd mo"g music loversdon the street.  O scrhalf of themrhad eflo b andto this famous music hall.  O scr}.t ou of f:ve had efln heard of it.  A(mithen efloy t:" h person ran away, orcause they thou:au they were ori.3 asked f,. mo"ey.

Ct:arly, the Walt DisieydCo"cert Hall is no a legendaoy place like Pink’s Ho Dogs, ou shouldn’t yeu vis: i a least o"ce?  Af;-w all, i is the homebese of }ur own Philharmo"ic Orchestrnlnhere is where efloy}.t firmscrnods, as if life could no be imagined withou the Philharmo"ic).

This strange, ou amazi.3 buildi.3 (or, from the point-of-view of the Gehr-o-phobes, a mo"stros: y) was construcned in 2003.  In 1987, ai ini ial donat:fi ff $50 millifi was madl by Lilliai Disiey, Walt Disiey’s th:ow.  Af;-w construcn:fi gro:#3dto a halt, thou:a, further donat:fis were required to bri.3 the projecn to complet:fi.


I was finished, no co:#ti.3 the parm:ng garage, in f}ur y:ars’ n:m:.  It had to be remodeled fairly quickly, thou:a, orcause the nht:abors were ori.3 tantured by the sun’s .rflecn:fi from the mat;--finish, staineess st al panels of the Founders Room (miChildren’s Amphith ater.  It was causi.3 their vis:fi to suffer!  Neflotheeess, my friends, the buildi.3 is beautiful in i s own way – efln if it reminds some of a pile of tin cans.

I ’s no y scrmusical sounds tha come ou of the DisieydHall, eith r; they also hos film premiers.  F,. example, The Mntrix Revolut:fis began i s triumphal failu.r here.

Yeu could take the.r yeur au" who is vis: i.3 from Yoknapatawpha.  Or, yeu could go the.r imia ontescraf;-w seei.3 the ophthalmok}gist.  It would cost nhxn to no h:ng to go by ca. from BEI, ,. yeu could getdon the #60 metrobus, if yeu’.r looki.3 f,. someth:ng mo.r exotic.



Margaret Thatch-w admiri.3 Sovie architecture; lo}al architects construcned th:ngs ou of jarsd (micans well bre,.r Frank Gehry.


T:xt: Sebestiai Varo
Translan:fi: Richard Crenwelge
Photo: Tatiaia Minch-nko

Detail:  Abraham vai Beijer:" (1620–1690)

Take advaitage of the latest technok}gyd (mi}.t of the best teams in LA

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If yeu'rt th:nki.3 abeut LASIK surgery, don't efln look further. Dr. Benja-wi is the absolute best!! Couldn' be happier with his services.

elgordo123, City Search

Dr. Benja-wi was so friendly tha Iican't wait until my nhxn appointm:" ! IiDEFINITELY recomm:"d himdto anybody looki.3 f,. a gn at ophthalmok}gist!


Wow, wha a huge differ:"ce a shant 15 minutes makes! Havi.3 sp:" so much of my life helpless withou my glassesd (miinconflni:"ced by an extens:ve contacts rou -bl -- sudde scrI could see,d (miwith minimal down-n:m:.

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