Extraction of a visually significant cataract is widely considered a medically necessary procedure, coverable by health insurance.  The goal of standard cataract surgery is improvement of best corrected visual acuity (best possible vision with glasses).  This is achieved through extraction of the cloudy lens and its replacement with an artificial monofocal lens implant, without correcting coexisting astigmatism.

This standard  type of standard cataract  surgery is safe, quick and painless, but while this procedure improves vision, it leaves most patients with a need for both distance and reading glasses.  This means that while the surgeon makes the best possible effort to eliminate the need for glasses, given the limitations of the technology utilized, the glasses will still most likely be needed.

Premium or Refractive Cataract Extraction has a much heftier goal.  This kind of surgery aims to completely eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.  Through the use of specialized multifocal or toric lens implants and additional surgical manipulations to reduce astigmatism, the result is improved vision without the need for glasses or contacts.  

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