Are you tired of your glasses? Do you dream of getting free of them forever? LASIK eye surgery at Benjamin Eye Institute is a quick and painless solution to your vision problems. If you are looking to improve your vision in the Los Angeles area, then set your sights on the professional and compassionate team at Benjamin Eye Institute. Your improved vision could be just weeks away. Patients often say that LASIK is the best decision they have ever made.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym that stands for Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Simply put, Dr. Benjamin utilizes a laser to reshape the inner cornea of the eye. The cornea, or the clear outer protective covering of the eye, once reshaped will correct a patient’s vision issues. It is the most common eye surgery performed in the country.

LASIK is an FDA approved procedure that is painless, fast, and effective. In most cases, it only takes a few seconds per eye. In total, the surgical appointment is about an hour from start to finish. LASIK the world’s most popular refractive procedure. Tens of millions of patients are enjoying excellent vision and improved lifestyle without having to resort to glasses or contacts. Modern All-Laser Wavefront Optimized LASIK may even help patients achieve better vision than possible with glasses or contacts.

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The Benefits of LASIK

  • PainlessLASIK is associated with very little pain.
  • Quick – Both the procedure and vision correction are quick. Vision is corrected almost immediately or by the day after LASIK.
  • Little Impact – No bandages or stitches are required after laser surgery.
  • It works – Around 90% of patients will have their desired vision after LASIK.

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What is LASIK like?

Prior to surgery:

  • Numbing eye droplets are applied to the eye to alleviate any discomfort during the procedure
  • The eye doctor may also provide medication to aid in relaxation

During the Procedure:

  • LASIK is performed on each eye separately, with each procedure taking only about five minutes.
  • First, Dr. Benjamin uses a femtosecond laser to create a thin, circular “flap” in the cornea.
  • The flap is then folded back to access the underlying cornea (stoma) and eliminates some corneal tissue using another laser called an Excimer laser.
    • This highly specialized Excimer laser uses a cool ultraviolet light beam to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea to reshape it, refocusing light entering the eye for improved vision.
  • For nearsighted people, the goal is to flatten the cornea;
  • For farsighted people, a steeper cornea is desired.
  • For astigmatism, the Excimer laser works by smoothing an unbalanced cornea into a more normal shape.
  • After the laser reshapes the cornea, the flap is then laid back in place, covering the area where the corneal tissue was removed.
  • Then the cornea is allowed to heal naturally.

With Benjamin Eye Institute’s modern All-Laser Wavefront Optimized LASIK, our Los Angeles area clients enjoy the latest in technology. Wavefront offers the latest technological advancement, creating a computerized “map” of the eye, allowing for more precise correction with the Excimer laser.

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LASIK consists of the following 6 steps:

  1. Create a thin corneal flap
  2. Lift and reflect the hinged flap to expose the underlying corneal stroma
  3. Correct the refractive error by reshaping the cornea with an EXCIMER laser
  4. Return the corneal flap to its original position
  5. Smooth the flap to remove any wrinkles
  6. Ensure adherence of the flap to the underlying stroma (without stitching or glue)


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Although the basic steps listed above comprise LASIK, all LASIK is not the same. The results will depend on a multitude of factors such as:

The quality and training of the support personnel, Benjamin Eye Institute’s technicians, nurses, and assistants are of the highest quality in the Los Angeles Area.

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Choosing a Quality LASIK surgeon

Getting started with LASIK research can be overwhelming! There are so many LASIK websites and so many doctors that perform the surgery it is hard to know where to start. If you are considering Dr. Benjamin for your LASIK eye surgery you can rest assured that you have found a LASIK surgeon with credible experience. Dr. Benjamin is a top Los Angeles LASIK surgeon and has performed thousands of LASIK procedures. Dr. Benjamin has clinical medical experience from both UCLA and Duke University. To learn more about Dr. Benjamin and his ophthalmology experience please visit our about section.

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