Viktor G. Benjamin Eye InstituteViktor G
Police Officer, 38
I had my surgery done 3 weeks ago and conducted two follow-up exams, and I must say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward these people.



Ronnie V
I lived most of my life thinking I would never see well. I was legally blind, a -23 in one eye and -21 in the other. I couldn’t see more than an inch in front of me. Then I found out about a procedure called ICL. I spent a lot of time researching doctors, as this was a significant surgery. Once I discussed the procedure with Dr. B I knew he would be the one to perform it. He informed me of all my options and made sure I had all the necessary knowledge. He never pressured me, and let me make all my own choices. He was light hearted and made me feel relaxed.

Arthur Benjamin MD Benjamin Eye InstituteArthur Benjamin, M.D.
Eye Surgeon, 40
It felt like I was born again. LASIK changed my life as a patient and as a doctor.




Leisha Hailey Benjamin Eye InstituteLeisha Hailey
Actress (The L Word), 30
I did my research and proud of my decision. Dr Benjamin is not only a true professional, but also a caring and honest person.



Mia Kirshner Benjamin Eye InstituteMia Kirshner
Actress (The L Word, The Black Dahlia); Social Activist, 36
Thanks for making me look picture perfect!




Carlos Alcalde Benjamin Eye InstituteCarlos Alcalde
The entire process from start to finish was easy and your staff made me feel totally comfortable. My only regret is not having LASIK sooner!



Irena Nissanova Benjamin Eye InstituteIrena Nissanova
Pharmaceutical Representative
Dr. Benjamin, you are a gifted surgeon, an outstanding physician, and a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. You have changed my life phenomenally.



Carolina S. Benjamin Eye InstituteCarolina S.
I’m glad I finally decided to get LASIK and I’m glad I chose Dr.Benjamin.




Ilya Kosten Benjamin Eye InstituteIlya Kosten
Thanks for the thoughtful, professional consultations, the calming and reassuring explanations of my options, and the sure hands during the procedure.



Elena Martynova Benjamin Eye InstituteElena Martynova
Marketing Manager
Dr. Benjamin, you are an amazing surgeon with tons of personality and a very special human touch.




Glenn B. Benjamin Eye InstituteGlenn B.
I can now read the paper as well as see distance, something I haven’t been able to do in 15 years.




Brad M. Benjamin Eye InstituteBrad M.
Account Manager
Now I can run, swim and snorkel without wearing my glasses or worrying about losing my contacts. Thank you for the life changing experience Dr. B!



Lana M. Benjamin Eye InstituteLana M.
Law Student, 21
I would recommend LASIK and Dr. Benjamin to everybody who suffers with less than perfect vision.




Michael B. Benjamin Eye InstituteMichael B.
Business Owner
I am sitting back about 5 feet away from my computer screen while writing this!! 😉




Elena K. Benjamin Eye InstituteElena K.
I’m so glad I finally decided to do it! It was a lot faster and easier than I could have ever imagined.




Natalie L. Benjamin Eye InstituteNatalie L.
Yoga Instructor, 30
I can see, I can see, I can see and I love it!




Monica S. Benjamin Eye InstituteMonica S.

Now, I can see anything and everything. It’s a miracle!




Adam Schwartz Benjamin Eye InstituteAdam Schwartz

Writer; Director
Little did I realize that the procedure would literally change every aspect of my life. It wasn’t like I was previously in a wheel chair and suddenly could walk, but to me that’s how it felt.