I had my surgery done 3 weeks ago and conducted two follow-up exams, and I must say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward these people.

People at this office are very friendly and accommodating. They made me feel comfortable to discuss all my issues. They are all very knowledgeable and attentive. I had never had a better service, especially considering the fact that my dream came through – No More Glasses. I did go to other doctors for the last five years, and every one of them turned me away – they could not operate due to lack of technology. Doctor Benjamin and his highly dedicated crew heard all of my concerns, did an extremely detailed exam, and performed operation at the level exceeding my expectations. I had a difficult prescription – Right eye +4.75 and Left eye + 2.25. NO MORE!!! They did a great job, and I could not be happier…!


– Viktor G.


Dear Dr.Benjamin,

The staff at the Laser Eye Associates was great! The whole surgery took less than fifteen minutes and most importantly, was almost painless. I was able to go back to work in two days following the surgery. My procedure was a life changing experience. I can now fully enjoy my life with 20/20 vision.

In our competitive world, many health professionals try to “sell” rather than inform and educate patients about their services. Without adequate information, we can easily become a target of these who promise unrealistic results for a quick fix. To find the right doctor, you have to do an extensive research and get all the information available on a given subject. I did my research and proud of my decision. Dr Benjamin is not only a true professional, but also a caring and honest person.

– Leisha Hailey, Actress – “The L Word


Thanks for making me look picture perfect!  I love being glasses free.

– Mia Kirshner, Actress – “The L Word”


Dear Dr.Benjamin,

After dealing with the burden of glasses for many years, I am very glad to be glasses free.

The entire process from start to finish was easy and your staff made me feel totally comfortable.  My only regret is not having LASIK sooner!

– Carlos Alcalde