Benjamin Eye Institute offers laser cataract surgery at our state-of-the-art Los Angeles surgical facility for patients who wish to attain restored, clear vision. As a premier Los Angeles laser cataract surgery provider, Dr. Benjamin has extensive experience with the advanced surgical procedure. The laser cataract surgery procedure is recognized as a more convenient, effective and comfortable solution for the removal and replacement of cataracts.

The same technology that has for years been utilized for LASIK  is now FDA approved for cataract surgery.

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It has long been a dream of vision scientists and eye surgeons to harness the power of the laser and bring its computer controlled precision to the treatment of cataracts.  Finally this has become a reality with the FDA approval of the Alcon LensX system.

Lensx Femtosecond Cataract Care Platform

The ultra-short pulses of the femtosecond laser create precise cuts in tissue with minimal collateral damage.  The steps of cataract surgery that where previously performed with blades and ultrasonic probes, can now be performed with the laser. 

Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery offers:

    • Laser Anterior capsulotomy
    • Laser lens fragmentation
    • Clear corneal incisions
    • Limbal relaxing incisions

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Los Angeles Cataract Surgery Provider – Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Dr. Benjamin is recognized as a leading authority on laser cataract surgery Los Angeles. Patients come to in order to achieve remarkable vision correction results. He is proud to offer the laser cataract surgery procedure because it has been found to be more safe and reliable than traditional cataract surgery. The use of a femtosecond laser during the procedure also reduces the risk of infection following surgery.

In addition to performing laser cataract surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Benjamin is also recognized as a highly skilled Los Angeles LASIK surgeon and ophthalmologist. He also provides advanced eye care solutions for Los Angeles dry eyes and glaucoma patients.

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