Forrest S.
Tennis Coach, 72
Dear Marina, Dr. Benjamin, and entire staff: I want to thank the Benjamin Eye Institute for restoring my 72 year old eyes to such fantastic 20/20 vision. Being a very active senior pro tennis player and coach, seeing 20/20 is very important. The Institute’s and Dr. Benjamin’s tremendous ability to do such accurate work on replacing a cataract lens and then accurately bringing it to 20/20 through his lasik work is a remarkable and fulfilling creative work of art.

Marcos S. Benjamin Eye InstituteMarcos S.
Marketing Director
I was -16 and now I can see 20/20 thanks to my cataract operation with Crystalens performed by Dr. Benjamin.




Hirsch A. Benjamin Eye InstituteHirsch A.
I hadn’t really expected that I could just wake up and open my eyes and see everything clearly.




R. Brady Benjamin Eye InstituteR. Brady
Thank you Dr. Benjamin for helping me to see again.




Jean Manibog Benjamin Eye InstituteJean Manibog
Retiree, 72
I consider Dr. Benjamin not only a truly consummate professional but also a very warm and kind person. This is also reflected in his entire staff and office – a lovely experience.



Lisa Layer Benjamin Eye InstituteLisa Layer
Now, I have 20/20 vision and am eyeglass and contact lens – free. The procedure itself was a breeze, perfectly painless!





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