Once you had decided to go forward with cataract surgery at Benjamin Eye Institute, there are few steps we need to take care of.

  1. Pre operative appointment at Benjamin Eye Institute. Typically scheduled 2-3 weeks before scheduled surgery. Here we’ll perform pre-operative testing, measurements and go over consents and instructions.
  2. Appointment with your family doctor. We’ll contact your doctor with a request letter for History and Physical clearance including blood work and EKG. Please schedule this appointment 10-14 days prior to your Cataract surgery.
  3. Three days prior to your surgery, you’ll start to get ready for surgery. Per given instructions, you’ll  start doing warm compresses and using eye drops. We’ll also call you to confirm your arrival time to the surgical center



For the day of the surgery, we will guide you through the surgery process step-by-step, to make it comfortable and as easy as possible.

Continue reading to learn what will happen on the day of your cataract surgery. Call to schedule your cataract consultation with Dr. Benjamin at 310.507.7988.

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