Our in-office Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) laser can help rid glaucoma patients of their dependence on a strict eye drop regiment by reducing their ocular pressure.

SLT is a safe and simple in-office laser treatment that effectively reduces the pressure in the eye for most patients with glaucoma.

SLT does not rely on medicines.  Instead, it uses an advanced laser system to target only specific cells of the eye—those containing melanin, a natural pigment.  This allows for only these cells to be affected, leaving surrounding tissue intact.  As a result, your body’s own healing response helps lower the pressure in your eye.

Why we use Lumenis SLT Laser:

  • SLT is not associated with systemic side effects or the compliance and cost issues of medications
  • SLT utilizes selective photothermolysis to target only specific cells, leaving the surrounding tissue intact
  • It stimulates the body’s natural mechanism to enhance outflow of the fluid in your eye
  • SLT therapy is reimbursed by Medicare and many other insurance providers, which minimizes your out-of-pocket expenses

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