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There are many factors that go into determining the cost of LASIK at Benjamin Eye Institute, including experience of the surgeon, facility and staff costs, as well as the expense of having the most advanced technology. Because of these reasons, we do not discount laser eye procedures. But would you really want to have the cheapest surgery when it comes to your eyesight?

Our pricing is easy to understand and straightforward.

LASIK at Benjamin Eye Institute – 0/month*

No two sets of eyes are the same, so pricing for LASIK may vary slightly between patients. In some cases, a more advanced LASIK treatment is needed, and in that case, the cost will be higher. This is why it is important to have a consultation with an eye doctor, like at Benjamin Eye Institute, so the best treatment for your vision can be determined. Dr. Benjamin can determine which treatment is best for you during your LASIK consultation.

LASIK Costs & Financing Options Benjamin Eye Institute, LA laser eye surgery cost

Zero Interest LASIK for 24 Months

While the cost of LASIK may seem daunting, keep in mind that this is your eyesight, and you want to take the best care of it you can. At Benjamin Eye Institute, we offer 0% interest financing for 24 months through Care Credit. Apply today to find out if you qualify to have 24 months with no interest on your LASIK treatment costs.

How Benjamin Eye Uses LASIK Technology

The quality of LASIK outcomes depends immensely on the quality of technology and the expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. Because of this, “cheap LASIK” and “quality LASIK” cannot represent the same procedure.

Here at the Benjamin Eye Institute we believe it is our duty to offer the best available technology, and we take time educating patients about it. We are certain that offering inferior technology in order to attract patients with a discounted price is a disservice.

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Since LASIK is essentially elimination of tissue, it cannot be undone, making the choice of a practice an extremely important decision, where quality, and not cost, should be the main deciding factor. Currently, at Benjamin Eye Institute, we are offering zero percent interest financing for 24 months. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options.

Concerned you might not be a candidate for LASIK? We offer LASIK Alternatives – learn more about other vision correction options. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Benjamin today at 310.507.7988.

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*The monthly fee is based on approved credit, interest free financing for 24 months 

LASIK eye surgery cost is often a burden for many people. There are various financing options available to make LASIK more affordable. Having LASIK can be a life changing event for many people and we want to provide you with alternative methods of LASIK affordability.