Pre-Operative Appointments

Like with other surgical procedure, there are certain instructions you should follow prior to your LASIK procedure. If you need an additional copy of pre-operative instructions, you can find them here. There are certain things you will need to avoid prior to your LASIK procedure, so be certain that you read and follow your instructions carefully.

Prior to Your Procedure

  • Remove their contacts. This is extremely important to both maximize the health of your eyes and assure good results.
  • There are generally no restrictions on eating or taking medication before or on your surgery day, however, please advise us of any medications you are taking.
  • We recommend avoiding alcohol hours before and after your procedure, as this tends to dehydrate the tissues.
  • You will be given prescriptions for post-operative eye drops that must be filled prior to your procedure.
  • Payment is due before the surgery day so that you can focus on your procedure and getting well, rather than the hassles of payment and financing.
  • Please review and sign the consent form prior to your procedure.
  • Please arrange to have someone take you home after the procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your LASIK procedure, please feel free to reach out to us at Benjamin Eye Institute at 310.507.7988. We are here to answer any of your questions and alleviate any of your concerns.

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Day of the Surgery

Your LASIK Procedure

The day has finally arrived! Prior to your LASIK procedure, there are specific instructions that you need to follow. Read your instructions carefully.

  • You can eat lightly prior to the procedure; however, do not consume caffeine (soda, chocolate, and coffee), alcohol or tobacco.
  • Do not wear any facial make-up, eye make-up or any skin creams, lotions or moisturizers. Do not wear any scented products (i.e. perfume or cologne) or use hair products that contain alcohol (such as hair spray or mousse). The aromatic and alcohol vapors can impair the laser beam.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. The laser room temperature is cool so you may want to wear a sweatshirt or a sweater.
  • Avoid wearing clothes made of materials such as wool that may generate lint in the surgical suite.
  • Do not wear any jewelry, e.g. earrings, necklaces, and chains. To ensure safety of your jewelry, please leave it at home.
  • In consideration of others, and to make certain your visit is as comfortable as possible, please do not bring children with you on the day of your surgery.
  • Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices prior to entering the laser room.
  • Duration of your visit will be approximately 1 1/2 hours.

LASIK Suite - Staff2

Make sure that you have someone available to drive you home. You may be tired and you may have been given medication to help you relax, so it is best to have someone else take you home.

If you have any questions about your procedure or any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at Benjamin Eye Institute. We want you to be prepared and be comfortable going into your LASIK procedure.

We look forward to helping you see better! 

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Life after LASIK


Follow Up Care

Maintain your new eyesight by protecting your eyes in the sun, and from other elements. Make-up and mascara should be avoided around the eyes as well. Be sure to see the complete list of instructions to follow for your eyes.

  • Please be advised that your follow-up care is as important as the actual procedure.
  • You are required to come to our office (9201 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 709, West Hollywood, CA 90069) in 24 hours after you LASIK for you first post-operative appointment.
  • Continue using your eye medications.
  • You may take a shower the day after surgery, but keep your eyes closed. Do not allow water to spray directly into your face. Avoid soap or shampoo in your eyes for one week.
  • Do not submerge in any bodies of water such as pools, jacuzzis, oceans, rivers, or lakes for two weeks after your surgery.
  • Mascara should not be used for one week. It is okay to use eye shadow and other make-up.
  • Do not rub your eyes for six weeks following your treatment. If your eyes itch, notify you eye doctor and an anti-itch medication can be prescribed.
  • Use sunglasses when outdoors for the first four weeks to protect your eyes from wind and dust.
  • Wear your eye shield at bedtime for one week (two weeks if you sleep on your stomach) to keep from rubbing your eyes while asleep.
  • Light exercise is okay, but avoid excessive workout for five days.
  • It is always recommended that you wear protective eyewear for racquet and contact sports and safety goggles for jobs/hobbies that require them.
  • Do not swim; use a sauna or hot tub for two weeks following your surgery.
  • You may fly two days after surgery.
  • Please use your antibiotic eye medication ever even hour (e.g. 12PM 2PM, 4PM, 6PM, 8PM) and your steroid medication every odd hour (1PM, 3PM, 5PM, etc.)
  • No scuba diving for three weeks.
  • If you experience any issues after LASIK, please call Benjamin Eye Institute

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Welcome to your vision! After LASIK, you will experience clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts, allowing you begin a new and exciting chapter in your life!

If in doubt about any activity you can or cannot do, please contact the office at 310.507.7988. Protect your new eyesight and enjoy it!

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