When you’re in your 20’s, anything seems possible.  The energy, the drive, the desire, it’s all there.  Nothing can stand in your way. You work hard and you play hard as well. Your active lifestyle is all about freedom.  You demand the best from yourself and others and you won’t let glasses or contacts get in the way.

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We understand what it’s like.  We’ve been there.  However, when it comes to your eyes at this age it is important to keep in mind that anything that you do now should serve you for many decades to come.  The horizon of any procedure done at ths age to eliminate glasses or contacts must be measured in decades, not just in years.  Here we present some of the options we think would work great given the demands of the lifestyle.  Click on the options below to learn more.   When you are ready, call us to schedule your complimentary consultation, to discuss your situation.

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