Day-to-day, things may not seem all that special.  We cannot forget, though, that every day is unique, and that July 27th, 2016, will never happen again.  So how did we spend the day at Benjamin Eye Institute, you may ask?  Well, from here on out, we will be reporting from the scene.

We’ve got them in our net:


Our assistant Nonna. Today she is deep in thought, and it suits her well.


алекс мышь

Aleks records patient data.  He is known for his attentiveness.


бен веселый2

Doctor Benjamin is often in a great mood.


вид из окна

View from the window.  After laser correction, the patients look out here and sigh happily, because for the first time they are seeing the world in the smallest details (namely, Sunset Blvd).  You can also see downtown in the distance.


алекс заметил

Aleks notices the photographer.  I told you he’s attentive.
вид из окна2

View from the other window.  Another sigh.


геворг и нонна

Gevorg and Nonna, it’s a wonderful day!  Gevorg works at the front desk, which according to the Stanislavsky System is where the office begins.


юля заметила

Julia Benjamin, with her usual vigilance, also notices the photographer.


юля вернулась

But then she went back to work.


Offended, the photographer leaves.  Previously drinking excellent coffee.  Two cups.

And along the road, I took a picture of the cacti, which appears to have jumped up and applauded in unison.




кактусы апло2

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