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At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we want to make you feel right at home.

You’ll be greeted warmly and enjoy a breathtaking 180-degree view of the Los Angeles Basin. Luxuriate in impeccable, modern surroundings—the meticulous attention to detail will show you you’re in the right place. While you relax, feel free to peruse a magazine or watch videos about the latest eye care advancements.

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Upon your arrival, you’ll immediately notice the latest marvels of modern eye care technology, all contained within our in-office surgical suite. In fact, we have the very best technology available for diagnosing and treating all forms of eye impairment and disease, right at our fingertips.

Our Office Our Office Our Office

At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we are passionate about providing you state-of-the-art care in everything we do.

What sets the Benjamin Eye institute apart from other practices is our commitment to our patients. We spare no expense or effort to provide the most technologically advanced, yet personal care to every one of our patients.

Our Office Our Office Our Office

At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we are proud to invest in the latest technological advancements in our field. By adopting industry-leading systems, we ensure that our patients have access to the safest and most effective technology available for their procedures.

Zeiss Cirrus Spectral Domain OCT

This cutting-edge technology allows us to closely evaluate macular degeneration and glaucoma.


Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy allows us to evaluate the retina without dilating the pupils. This technology also features fluorescein angiography and retinal autofluorescence imaging for the early diagnosis of macular degeneration and other retinal conditions.

Zeiss IOL Master 500

The newest and most accurate laser interferometer on the market for IOL calculation and cataract excision.

Zeiss Forum PACS System

This system allows us to manage images – processing, analyzing, and comparing them across time. It features a glaucoma workspace that allows us to perform statistical analysis of visual fields and correlates that data with glaucoma diagnostic imaging such as OCT. This leads to an earlier diagnosis of glaucoma and a better management of glaucoma with actionable intelligence. The technology also features a retina workspace.

Diopsys ERG/VEP

Until recently, this technology was exclusively available in large research institutes. Now available at the Benjamin Eye Institute, the Diopsys ERG/VEP is used for the early diagnosis of glaucoma, amblyopia, macular degeneration and more.

Cloud-based record keeping

Our facility leverages the latest cloud-based technology to ensure that our patients’ records are safe, and you’re able to access your data through a secure patient portal whenever you need to.

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Hear From Our Patients

Benjamin Eye Institute

147 reviews

  • Photo of Doe G.
    Doe G.
    Los Angeles, CA
    0 friends
    6 reviews
    1 photo

    Wow! I just had surgery by Dr. Benjamin  yesterday. Today I have 20-20, in that eye. Painless & perfect. I had no Idea, what I had been missing.
    Wonderful eye institute. Delightful & very efficient & up to date staff. Especially Myka. Treat yourself to good eye sight by the charming Dr. Benjamin. You will be in good hands.

  • Matt P.
    West Hollywood, CA
    214 friends
    31 reviews
    3 photos

    I have had dry eyes for a quite sometime and had seen several physicians and got eye drops etc but not until I have seen  Dr. Benjamin I found how serious problem that it was. I had the most thorough and individual attention by Dr. Benjamin. He explained to me my problem and treatment options available. Dr. Benjamin and His staff  are very caring and they spend as much time with you as needed and one feels taken care of. I was given state of the art treatment for my dry eyes and my eyes went from feeling tired , red , scratchy and itchy to brilliantly glowing clear. Office is very serene and staff is attentive, pleasant and smiling. Dr. Benjamin is very down to earth and explains thoroughly that one understands what alis them. I will definitely  keep coming back for all my eye issues.

  • Photo of Renee T.
    Renee T.
    Los Angeles, CA
    33 friends
    44 reviews
    29 photos

    I wish I had come to Dr. Benjamin years ago!!!

    I have been hopping around between 3 eye doctors in the last few years complaining of severe eye pain, redness - so bad I haven't been able to wear contacts for a year. Every other doctor made a diagnosis in 2 minutes, prescribed a few things and sent me on my way. Nothing helped and the doctors kept saying my eyes looked fine despite my symptoms. Finally I saw Dr. Benjamin, and he listened to my concerns from top to bottom and did tests the other doctors never did! He made a brand new diagnosis which finally makes sense and fits my symptoms. He spent almost an hour with me which is unbelievable. I am so impressed with this place, even the front desk and other staff were so friendly. I'm so relieved and am looking forward to making a recovery with Dr. Benjamin and eventually getting LASIK.

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