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There is no such thing as “the best lens”, but there is a lens that is best for you. A decision of which lens implant to utilize in your particular case will depend on a number of factors. There are conditions that unfortunately preclude the use of premium lenses or make the outcome less than certain, making it difficult to justify the expense associated with such implants. Before making a recommendation we will thoroughly evaluate your ocular status, and grade your post operative visual potential. Unless there is a greater than 95% chance we can help you achieve your visual goals, we will not recommend a particular treatment for you.

The best way to know which lens options is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Benjamin. Call Benjamin Eye Institute today to book your consultation with Dr. Benjamin 310.275.5533.


Toric Intraocular lens implants are designed to neutralize corneal astigmatism. When properly implanted these lenses have a very high likely hood of reducing or eliminating corneal astigmatism. Since this neutralization of the astigmatism is done at the level of the lens implant, there is no need to resort to modifying the shape of the cornea itself via Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI’s) or Laser Vision correction.

In our practice IOL’s are frequently recommended for patients who have very high degrees of astigmatism that would be uncorrectable safely with subsequent surgery.

If you know you have significant corneal astigmatism, ask us about the use of Toric IOL’s in cataract surgery. As all other refractive cataract care procedures, Toric IOL’s are backed up by the ORange technology as well as our in-house Laser Vision Correction platform.

Call Benjamin Eye Institute today to learn more about all of your treatment options for cataracts and astigmatism 310.275.5533.

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Advanced Lens Styles

Modern Cataract Care involves removal of a cloudy crystalline lens (the cataract) and its replacement with a clear intra-ocular lens implant or IOL. The use of intra-ocular lens implants (IOLs) is now considered to be the standard of care. Situations when it is not medically advisable or physically impossible to implant a lens are very rare. Before the advent of modern lens implants, patients were left aphakic (without lenses) and had to resort to use of very thick “Coke bottle” glasses or contact lenses.

Other than the convenience of not having to wear “Coke bottle glasses”, there are a number of medical reasons why it is important to have a lens implant. Aphakic eyes (eyes without lenses), are at higher risk of developing glaucoma and retinal detachments. That is why every reasonable effort is always made to place a lens implant in the eye.

There are a number of lens implant options available to the physician and the patient. These lenses all have a basic function of focusing images on the retina.

Some lens implants have extended functions, such as correcting corneal astigmatism (Toric lenses) or allowing the eye to focus at both distance and near, without having to resort to use of glasses or contacts (Presbyopia Correcting Lenses). These IOLs with extended functions are usually not covered by health insurance or Medicare. That is because these lenses, while providing the patients with the convenience of spectacle freedom, are not considered to be “medically necessary” by most health insurers. The “spectacle freedom” afforded by such extended function lenses comes with the added cost that is assumed by the patient.

Learn more about the different lenses offered at Benjamin Eye Institute:

  • Monofocal Lens
  • ReSTOR
  • Crystalens
  • AcrySof Toric IOL

Cost issues aside, not all lenses are appropriate for all patients. There are various factors that are individual to each patient that must be considered. If the idea of being glasses free sounds enticing ask your doctor about the Premium Cataract Care at the Benjamin Eye Institute.

Premium or Refractive Cataract Extraction has a much heftier goal. This kind of surgery aims to completely eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. Through the use of specialized multifocal or Toric lens implants and additional surgical manipulations to reduce astigmatism, the result is improved vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we guarantee the refractive outcome of the procedure with our in-house laser vision correction platform, free of charge. Schedule your appointment by calling 310.275.5533.

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  • Photo of Doe G.
    Doe G.
    Los Angeles, CA
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    6 reviews
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    Wow! I just had surgery by Dr. Benjamin  yesterday. Today I have 20-20, in that eye. Painless & perfect. I had no Idea, what I had been missing.
    Wonderful eye institute. Delightful & very efficient & up to date staff. Especially Myka. Treat yourself to good eye sight by the charming Dr. Benjamin. You will be in good hands.

  • Matt P.
    West Hollywood, CA
    214 friends
    31 reviews
    3 photos

    I have had dry eyes for a quite sometime and had seen several physicians and got eye drops etc but not until I have seen  Dr. Benjamin I found how serious problem that it was. I had the most thorough and individual attention by Dr. Benjamin. He explained to me my problem and treatment options available. Dr. Benjamin and His staff  are very caring and they spend as much time with you as needed and one feels taken care of. I was given state of the art treatment for my dry eyes and my eyes went from feeling tired , red , scratchy and itchy to brilliantly glowing clear. Office is very serene and staff is attentive, pleasant and smiling. Dr. Benjamin is very down to earth and explains thoroughly that one understands what alis them. I will definitely  keep coming back for all my eye issues.

  • Photo of Renee T.
    Renee T.
    Los Angeles, CA
    33 friends
    44 reviews
    29 photos

    I wish I had come to Dr. Benjamin years ago!!!

    I have been hopping around between 3 eye doctors in the last few years complaining of severe eye pain, redness - so bad I haven't been able to wear contacts for a year. Every other doctor made a diagnosis in 2 minutes, prescribed a few things and sent me on my way. Nothing helped and the doctors kept saying my eyes looked fine despite my symptoms. Finally I saw Dr. Benjamin, and he listened to my concerns from top to bottom and did tests the other doctors never did! He made a brand new diagnosis which finally makes sense and fits my symptoms. He spent almost an hour with me which is unbelievable. I am so impressed with this place, even the front desk and other staff were so friendly. I'm so relieved and am looking forward to making a recovery with Dr. Benjamin and eventually getting LASIK.

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