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LASIK in Los Angeles is a safe, effective and stable procedure. While there may be a million reasons to have LASIK, there may be some conditions that exclude some people. At Benjamin Eye Institute, patients will be thoroughly screened for conditions that may affect their LASIK candidacy. If any of these conditions are found, Dr. Benjamin will recommend one of many effective LASIK alternatives. LASIK alternatives are determined by each individual patient’s unique vision needs. We don’t just treat your vision issues, we treat you.

Alternatives to LASIK come in many different forms. Here are some of the most popular treatment options offered at Benjamin Eye Institute:

Visian ICL

ICLd, or implantable Contact Lens, are also known as permanent contact lenses. This surgery option is very different from LASIK, which involves laser removal of microscopic pieces of corneal tissue. ICLs are devices that work with your eyes natural lens to yield clear vision at all distances. A small incision is created in the eye, and then the ICL is placed to work in congress with your existing lens. Depending on the type of lens that is implanted, the incision may be allowed to self-heal or it will be closed with dissolvable sutures. Patients that undergo ICL surgery typically achieve improved vision within a day.


PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is similar to LASIK in that the same type of excimer laser is used, but a corneal flap is not created. Instead, a laser beam is applied directly to the surface of the eye to reshape the cornea. PRK is used less frequently due to the development of LASIK, but in some individual cases PRK may still be the procedure of choice. The primary healing may take several days longer than that of LASIK, but the long term effects are the same.

Clear Lens Replacement (CLR)

Clear Lens Replacement surgery is typically suggested for individuals experiencing presbyopia or extreme farsightedness (hyperopia), for whom LASIK or PRK are not suitable. If you have both presbyopia and moderate to severe hyperopia, a clear lens replacement may be the only viable option for clear vision and nominal reliance on glasses following your refractive surgery.

Clear (refractive) lens exchange surgery also can correct myopia (nearsightedness), but generally it is not recommended when LASIK or PRK are still viable options.

Other alternatives to LASIK include:

Safe, positive, and lasting results are our goal. We take pride in the fact that we are not just a LASIK center where everyone by default is a “great candidate for LASIK.”

Choosing Benjamin Eye for Your Vision Needs

At Benjamin Eye Institute, we confidently offer a complete range of refractive procedures and will only recommend and perform a procedure that’s right for you. We believe that while there is no perfect procedure, there is one that’s perfect for you. We urge you to learn all the options available so that you can make the most informed decision possible

Dr. Benjamin doesn’t just see everyone as a LASIK candidate. There may be an option for you. Looking for more information about LASIK alternatives in Los Angeles, California? Reach out to us at Benjamin Eye Institute at 310.507.7988.

Call now to meet Arthur Benjamin, MD and learn about how to correct your unique visual imperfections.

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Orsi N., Google +

If you're thinking about LASIK surgery, don't even look further. Dr. Benjamin is the absolute best!! Couldn't be happier with his services.

elgordo123, City Search

Dr. Benjamin was so friendly that I can't wait until my next appointment! I DEFINITELY recommend him to anybody looking for a great ophthalmologist!


Wow, what a huge difference a short 15 minutes makes! Having spent so much of my life helpless without my glasses and inconvenienced by an expensive contacts routine -- suddenly I could see, and with minimal down-time.

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