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Viktor G

Police Officer, 38

Procedures: LASIK

I had my surgery done 3 weeks ago and conducted two follow-up exams, and I must say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward these people.

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Leisha Hailey

Dear Dr. Benjamin, The staff at the Laser Eye Associates was great! The whole surgery took less than fifteen minutes and most importantly, was almost painless. I was able to go back to work in two days following the surgery. My procedure was a life changing experience. I can now fully enjoy my life with 20/20 vision.

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Mia Kirshner

Actress (The L Word, The Black Dahlia); Social Activist, 36

Procedures: LASIK

Thanks for making me look picture perfect! I love being glasses free.


R. Brady

Procedures: Cataract

Thank you Dr. Benjamin for helping me to see again. I will tell anyone that I meet about your professionalism and your genuine caring for your patients.


Arthur Benjamin, M.D.

Eye Surgeon, 40

Procedures: LASIK

LASIK changed my life as a patient and as a doctor. Guys, I highly recommend it to anyone who does LASIK and cataract for a living! Without glasses or contacts...

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Carlos Alcalde


Procedures: LASIK

Dear Dr. Benjamin, After dealing with the burden of glasses for many years, I am very glad to be glasses free. The entire process from start to finish was easy and your staff made me feel totally comfortable. My only regret is not having LASIK sooner!


Carolina S.


Procedures: LASIK

Dr. Benjamin and his staff were fantastic. I feel so much more free without the hassle of contacts and glasses. I’m glad I finally decided to get LASIK and I’m glad I chose Dr.Benjamin.


Glenn B.


Procedures: LASIK

I had Intralase Wavefront LASIK. My eyes ended up 20/15 and 20/20 – Thanks Guys!!! I can now read the paper as well as see distance, something I haven’t been able to do in 15 years.


Monica S.

Procedures: LASIK

Thank you so much Dr.Benjamin. Having LASIK was the best decision I could have made. My eyes were horrible, I couldn’t see in front of my nose. Now, I can see anything and everything. It’s a miracle!


Robert Chen

Procedures: PRK

Prior to my PRK surgery, my vision was absolutely horrible! At -13.00 everything was a blur without contacts. Dr.Benjamin worked his magic and now I can see clearly! Jacolyn, along with the friendly staff, was extremely helpful, and Dr.Benjamin’s expertise put me at ease. I can finally say goodbye to my contacts!


Lisa Layer

Procedures: Cataract, ReSTOR

Before I had cataract surgery with a ReSTOR multifocal lens implant, without contacts, my vision was blurry and it was impossible to function. Now, I have 20/20 vision and am eyeglass and contact lens – free. The procedure itself was a breeze, perfectly painless!

Bioptics (LASIK & Lens Combo) Reviews

Without glasses or contacts Right Eye (OD) Left Eye (OS)
Before the procedure hand motion hand motion
After the procedure 20/30 20/30
Refractive Power Right Eye (OD) Left Eye (OS)
Before the procedure -21.0D -23.0D
After the procedure -1.00D -1.00D

I lived most of my life thinking I would never see well. I was legally blind, a -23 in one eye and -21 in the other. I couldn’t see more than an inch in front of me. Then I found out about a procedure called ICL. I spent a lot of time researching doctors, as this was a significant surgery. Once I discussed the procedure with Dr. B I knew he would be the one to perform it. He informed me of all my options and made sure I had all the necessary knowledge. He never pressured me, and let me make all my own choices. He was light hearted and made me feel relaxed. His staff is also incredible and very educated. They were there for every step and always willing to calm my nerves. After ICL and LASIK I can see! Without glasses, without contacts. It has been a life changing experience. Dr. Benjamin will be my eye doctor until the end. I would recommend him and his institute to anyone.

– Ronnie V. 41

Without glasses or contacts Right Eye (OD) Left Eye (OS)
Before the procedure 20/25 20/50
After the procedure 20/20 20/20
Refractive Power Right Eye (OD) Left Eye (OS)
Before the procedure -0.25 +0.50 @122 -1.50 +0.50 @052
After the procedure -0.25 -0.25

I want to thank the Benjamin Eye Institute for restoring my 72 year old eyes to such fantastic 20/20 vision. Being a very active senior pro tennis player and coach, seeing 20/20 is very important. The Institute’s and Dr. Benjamin’s tremendous ability to do such accurate work on replacing a cataract lens and then accurately bringing it to 20/20 through his lasik work is a remarkable and fulfilling creative work of art.

My night vision is unbelievably sharp and clear.

I look forward to many more successful hours on the tennis court.

Thank you again for such a successful operation.

– Forrest S.

Online Reviews

elgordo123, City Search

“Dr. Benjamin was so friendly that I can’t wait until my next appointment! I DEFINITELY recommend him to anybody looking for a great ophthalmologist!”

gift20, City Search

“His office is top of the line he has state-of -the art equipment. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed.”

dmailk, City Search

“After shopping around and going on 3 consultations to different Lasik specialists, I would highly recommend the Benjamin Eye Institute to all my friends and anyone else in need of an awesome ophthalmologist and Lasik surgeon.”

lolita987, City Search

“Wow, what a huge difference a short 15 minutes makes! Having spent so much of my life helpless without my glasses and inconvenienced by an expensive contacts routine — suddenly I could see, and with minimal down-time.”

leezka, City Search

“My LASIK surgery as well as the recovery process went exactly as planned. The results are great. This was a life-changing experience. I highly recommend Dr Benjamin for anyone who needs a great ophthalmologist. Thank you, Dr Benjamin!”

Jeremy S., Google+

“What a fabulous experience. I had an emergency. We were treated like royalty from the moment we set foot in this beautiful office. And then we met Dr. Benjamin. How could things go up from there? They did. What a down to earth, relaxed, smart man.”

Wife of Michael W. Cataract patient, Google+

“The results of the cataract surgery were excellent. Mike chose a multi-focal lens. He is now able to see close-up, at a distance, and in between with NO GLASSES! His vision is 20/20 at a distance and even better close up—20/16. I trusted in Dr. Arthur Benjamin’s medical training, his experience, and his expertise. I prayed for perfect surgery and I was not disappointed.”

Orsi N., Google+

“If you’re thinking about LASIK surgery, don’t even look further. Dr. Benjamin is the absolute best!! Couldn’t be happier with his services.”

Frank C., Google+

“Fast service. Good straight forward honest information. i would highly recommend Dr Benjamin to my family and friends.”

Mark H., Google+

“Dr. Benjamin did my cataract surgery and all went well. My annual checkups are always pleasant and courteous as well. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs corrective eye surgery.”

Hear From Our Patients

Benjamin Eye Institute

147 reviews

  • Photo of Doe G.
    Doe G.
    Los Angeles, CA
    0 friends
    6 reviews
    1 photo

    Wow! I just had surgery by Dr. Benjamin  yesterday. Today I have 20-20, in that eye. Painless & perfect. I had no Idea, what I had been missing.
    Wonderful eye institute. Delightful & very efficient & up to date staff. Especially Myka. Treat yourself to good eye sight by the charming Dr. Benjamin. You will be in good hands.

  • Matt P.
    West Hollywood, CA
    214 friends
    31 reviews
    3 photos

    I have had dry eyes for a quite sometime and had seen several physicians and got eye drops etc but not until I have seen  Dr. Benjamin I found how serious problem that it was. I had the most thorough and individual attention by Dr. Benjamin. He explained to me my problem and treatment options available. Dr. Benjamin and His staff  are very caring and they spend as much time with you as needed and one feels taken care of. I was given state of the art treatment for my dry eyes and my eyes went from feeling tired , red , scratchy and itchy to brilliantly glowing clear. Office is very serene and staff is attentive, pleasant and smiling. Dr. Benjamin is very down to earth and explains thoroughly that one understands what alis them. I will definitely  keep coming back for all my eye issues.

  • Photo of Renee T.
    Renee T.
    Los Angeles, CA
    33 friends
    44 reviews
    29 photos

    I wish I had come to Dr. Benjamin years ago!!!

    I have been hopping around between 3 eye doctors in the last few years complaining of severe eye pain, redness - so bad I haven't been able to wear contacts for a year. Every other doctor made a diagnosis in 2 minutes, prescribed a few things and sent me on my way. Nothing helped and the doctors kept saying my eyes looked fine despite my symptoms. Finally I saw Dr. Benjamin, and he listened to my concerns from top to bottom and did tests the other doctors never did! He made a brand new diagnosis which finally makes sense and fits my symptoms. He spent almost an hour with me which is unbelievable. I am so impressed with this place, even the front desk and other staff were so friendly. I'm so relieved and am looking forward to making a recovery with Dr. Benjamin and eventually getting LASIK.

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