How Dr. Benjamin came to be in Practice

Author: Вадим Аврукин (Vadim Avrukin)
Published: 2022-11-24

Dr. Benjamin is a trusted LASIK and Cataract Surgeon in Los Angeles. He has 25+ years of experience in ophthalmology. On top of having the best equipment available on the market, he has seen 250,000+ patients and did 30,000+ surgeries. He is definitely someone who you can trust!

How Dr. Benjamin came to be in Practice

How Dr. Benjamin came to be in Practice

I don’t think that Arthur Benjamin and his namesake Eye Institute will ever escape perfectionism. This quality, or rather ambition, isn’t always a plus, but in this case it can be welcomed. Why? Because it is his passion to search for, find, and implement best practices – if it’s equipment, it’s the most modern; if it’s artificial lenses, they’re the newest and most revolutionary (Symfony, for example); if it’s the laser center, even the new Starship Enterprise pales in comparison; if it’s the team, it consists of the best specialists.

What didn’t fit into this picture, though, was the doctor’s old website. Having been based in WordPress, the site was (let’s say) not the most inspiring.

But the doctor’s perfectionism has now crossed over into this sphere, as well. Hiring as always the best specialists, he built a new site, and we will show you the main landmarks of this new virtual world. It isn’t reinventing the wheel, but simply showing what BEI does.

Life is beautiful – see it!

“Benjamin Eye Institute is one of the foremost eye centers in California. Here you will be given an accurate diagnosis and offered the most modern, suitable, and perhaps ideal treatment for your eyes. Our surgeons Arthur Benjamin and Pamela Golchet are among the best in the city, specializing in laser vision correction, cataract removal, and retinal problems.”

I know from experience. Five years ago, Dr. Benjamin corrected another doctor’s blunders that occurred during cataract removal, and I could finally see out of my left eye, which the first doctor promised would be 20/20. Consequently, I could drive a car, work on the computer, watch a movie, lie down outside with an e-reader, or in other words – live without glasses.

How do you treat yourself?

“Eyes are the most sensitive organ. Without due regard, you risk irreversibly weakening your eyesight, and worst case scenario you’ll lose it. In order for your eyes to serve you faithfully your whole life, you need to see an ophthalmologist regularly, and BEI is a wise choice.”

I always say that ophthalmologists are far more courageous people, than say, grocery store owners, with all due respect. But why? Well, we need food daily, but how often do you need to see the ophthalmologist, which is usually immediately? It’s quite rare. But if we overcome that stereotype of running to the eye doctor when the pressure is on, then it saves a ton of worry, time, and money, as well as your health. Not once a week or anything, just every six months or so, or do you think your only pair of eyes aren’t worth it? They will treat you how you treat them.


“The best that California can offer in the 21st century in the field of laser correction – technological innovations, precise diagnostic equipment, a microclimate laser room with experienced doctors – is all channeled at our center to restore your vision.”

But that’s not all. I’d say they’re the best lasers not just in California, but on the planet. It doesn’t make sense to give names or technical characteristics – the average reader doesn’t need to know what a femtosecond or ultrashort pulse laser is. You could look it up on Wikipedia and forget it within minutes, but if you remember to ask when planning an operation, you’ll be told about it and shown on the spot. If I hadn’t thought that the equipment in the US was all the same and doctor experience didn’t matter, I would not have gotten my operation on the nearest corner. Do not repeat my mistakes.

Do not let price become an obstacle to normal vision

“Benjamin Eye Institute has the best-of-the-best surgeons that you can find in Los Angeles. “Lasik and other operations and procedures are designed to return, sometimes for the first time ever, a person to their precise and natural vision. If the price of Lasik seems to be an insuperable barrier, then we offer excellent options and financing programs. We try to make operations available to everyone, because everyone deserves good vision regardless of their financial situation.” (A. Benjamin)”

That may sound histrionic, but it corresponds with reality. Usually we can find a payment option that suits anyone. Even the IRS shows some compassion now and accepts step-by-step payments, but it’s much more pleasant to spend that money on your eyes!


“Living with cataracts is to lose the joy in life. Give it space to flourish and you will get blurred vision that poisons everything. You’ll find that you can’t drive a car normally, watch a movie, or continue a hobby, whether it’s knitting or reading. Once you realize that quality of life has been reduced, it’s time to act.

Remove them or not? You decide. But when you have decided, it’s time to find a reliable doctor, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better option than Benjamin Eye Institute. Arthur Benjamin and Pamela Golchet are some of the best, if not the best, surgeons in Los Angeles. In the fields of cataracts and retinas, both can do anything that modern ophthalmology is capable of.”

As a former cataract sufferer, I have nothing to add here.


“In addition to the usual “charms” of cataracts, there are additional side effects. The very sight of your eyes starts to speak for itself, appearing much older than they really are. At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we will help you with not only the main problem, but also with aesthetics, through small, cosmetic, minimally-invasive rejuvenation procedures.”

I have not yet tried this “dish”, but I already dream about it. Although it is generally believed that real men do not care how the years have pulled at their eyes, I’ll tell you a secret – they do care. And when you see in photographs with friends that only you have these blue bags under your eyes, like the Hound of Baskervilles, you start to think “why not rejuvenate them?”


The retina is a tissue at the bottom of the eye that perceives light and sends information to the brain, which translates those signals into images. In the center of the retina is a yellow spot responsible for the sharpness of the central view.”

“A number of serious problems with the retina can threaten your vision – macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, detachment, etc. If you are being treated for these ailments at the Benjamin Eye Institute, you’re in good hands. Our retinal specialist, Dr. Pamela Golchet, is considered one of the leading experts in the diagnosis and treatments of vitreoretinal diseases. So if you come to us, your retina will be under control.”

I can confirm. A year ago, I began to have problems – floaters, clouds, and shadows, like semi-transparent pieces of mica swimming in front of my eyes. I didn’t wait, and soon fell into the hands of the charming Pamela Golchet. She looked at my retinas through some mind-blowing machines, showed what was happening, and explained everything. She told me what to do and what not to do. In general, I am satisfied. Since then, my unfortunate retina is under control and I’m as calm as I’ll allow myself. Detachments of this kind are common among people of my ethnicity (even in a spiritual sense, like the great Argentine Jorge Luis Borges), so I was already at risk.

I’m going to go out on a limb and give some friendly advice – if you notice any changes in your vision, don’t even think about doubting yourself, don’t read nonsense on internet forums, or listen to your friends. Go to the doctor! To which, you can decide yourself, but don’t make a mistake.