The concert before the concert. Part 2

Published: 2022-11-19

“The concert before the concert” means that the operation begins long before the operation itself. Why? Because preoperative preparation and testing are half the success of your operation and a guarantee of a good result.

The concert before the concert. Part 2

The concert before the concert (2)

(Part 1)

Doctor Benjamin, why is daily exposure to sunlight so good for the eyes?  I thought you weren’t supposed to look at the sun…

 Daylight can help your depth perception, the ability to focus, and partially offset the negative effects of sitting in front of a computer in poor lighting.  There is a theory that sunlight helps to produce dopamine, which affects the growth of the eyeball.

Let’s return to the topic of cataracts.  The last time we talked you used the phrase “the concert before the concert”.  What do you mean by that?

The operation begins long before the operation itself.  First, you have to examine the surface of the eye using a special diagnostic machine.  Then, we use a certain type of technology to bring that surface into its ideal state.  And finally, we take measurements of not only the corneal surface, but the inside of the eye, as well.  After all, astigmatism affects both the back and the front of the eye.

And not all doctors look into these things?

Some doctors aren’t even aware that astigmatism can occur on the inside of the eye.  We make measurements, using a special formula to select a lens for that particular eye.  Only after that can the new lens be introduced.  And if the procedure wasn’t quite enough, the follow-up work is guaranteed successful with laser correction.  If the patient is well-prepared for surgery, we can guarantee a good result.  They may even end up with better vision than they had before the cataracts.

You had mentioned something before about a single course of eyedrops.  Why is this cocktail of drops better than the usual protocols?

Drops are not covered by insurance.  And those that are covered must be used continuously, so people often miss doses, or aren’t prescribed enough drops, or people lose their drops and start to worry, all of which often leads to inflammation and not-very-good vision.

Then why don’t all doctors use this cocktail?

 Because not everyone knows about it.  You also have to know how to introduce the drug, in order to avoid cosmetic damage.

Do you guarantee the implementation of these new machines?

Of course, but now we can offer this guarantee with even more confidence and achieve even better results.  Do you want to have sharp, high-resolution vision?  Do you want to be able to see both near and far?  People insist on much higher standards than before.  Any fool, I’m afraid, can remove your cataracts and install a multifocal lens, but can they save you from the need for glasses?

I guess, the answer is no.

Would you be happy with the services you received?  Or would you say, “they tried everything, but it didn’t work, because I have dry eyes, astigmatism, or whatever else..”  The Benjamin Eye Institute makes no such excuses.  If we agree to do the operation, then it is guaranteed.  I will not promise something in absentia.  About 30% of the patients say, “do something so that I don’t have to wear glasses.”  It is impossible, though, to make an a priori promise.  You first have to be a qualified patient for the procedure.  It also must be understood that while one lens fits one person, it will not fit another.  The best results don’t just fall out of the sky.

What is needed for that?

 First of all, the doctor must be open to learning new things.  Secondly, they need the necessary equipment.  It is impossible to do on a standard set of equipment.  Thirdly, your colleagues must be highly-qualified, as well.  Fourth, you need a good surgical center.  All of these things, though, are very expensive.  In order to perform laser cataract surgery, resources are needed that aren’t available to just anyone.  Consequently, the most important thing underlying our guarantee is our laser center.  If you want to rejuvenate your eyes, and regain the vision you had in your 20s, it will require the entire sum of our efforts.

Life is beautiful. See it.

Interview: Sebastian Varo Translation: Richard Crenwelge Photos: Eya Ozerova, Sebastian Varo

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