Published: 2022-12-03



Arthur Benjamin is out-of-town right now, and for a good reason:  he turned 50 years old and celebrated by traveling abroad.  And although by the time this article is published he will be back at work, I decided not to distract him from his strenuous vacation, reading those hundreds upon hundreds of congratulations  from friends, relatives, and patients (some of them fall into two of those categories, others all three) – and instead take another stroll through his new website.

I advise you to take a look.  First of all, it’s beautiful, and secondly it’s very convenient, as it’s on legendary Sunset Boulevard.


Could it be that we (immigrants) leave for America with the dream that we can find magnificent doctors with a phenomenal education (we could) and fitted with with the best equipment (also yes), who differ from the rest in their warmth, gentle humor, and ability to speak in many languages, doing everything to make your visit to their office not dull and stressful, but more like a pleasant adventure?  Where everything pleases the eye (even for those with poor vision) and warms the heart?  Well, you probably anticipated all of that, but I did not.

Maybe it was for the reason that I, whose left eye Arthur Benjamin saved from an unsuccessful operation performed at another office, already looked upon the world without eyeglasses, as if through dual optics – what could have been, and what we have in reality.


It’s a law:  like attracts like.  So it’s therefore unsurprising that the team put together by Arthur Benjamin (in ophthalmology, no man is an island) is essentially the “Dream Team”.  With his level of perfectionism, who else would he employ but the best?  Let’s get acquainted with them.  In those cases where a biography is too short, I hope that person speaks for themselves.  The team at Benjamin Eye Institute is friendly and international.  Let’s begin, so to speak, with the head coach:


Arthur was born in Tashkent in the former USSR to a family of doctors.  At the age of 16 in New York, he brilliantly finished school among the top 1% of students and then went to Cornell University, graduating Cum Laude.  He received his medical degree from the prestigious Duke University Medical School, and participated in research on the development of the artificial retina.  After his internship, he underwent ophthalmological training at the reknowned Jules Stein Eye Institute.  An experienced doctor, specializing in cataract surgery and LASIK, he was the first ophthalmologist in Los Angeles who began to implant the innovative Acrysof ReSTOR IOL artificial lenses, and later Symfony.  He’s famous for his extraordinarily exact diagnoses, effective treatments, unique technologies, and gentle manner of communication.  Few know that he himself had his LASIK operation at BEI.


Born in Los Angeles.  Graduated with honors from Stephen Wise School, and at UCLA received a scholarship for outstanding scientific achievements, Summa Cum Laude, with honors from the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society.  She completed her residency and postgraduate courses in retinal diseases at the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.  Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases with special emphasis on age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and the like.  She had successfully treated patients for about 10 years.


Born and raised in Kiev, where she graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Art, specializing in informational technology.  Outside of working hours, Julia devotes herself to her family (three children), reads a lot, plays guitar and piano, sings beautifully, loves painting and sculpture, and loves to travel on vacation.

Julia can help you:

Organize contacts with your family doctor Work out issues with insurance Explain pre and post-operative instructions On the day of surgery, she is at the surgical center making sure everything goes as needed

MAYKA CHOMA, Operations Manager

Born in Slovakia, it was there that she graduated from the School of Fashion and Design, participating in international competitions and winning more than once.  She even designed the wedding dress and groom’s tuxedo for her own wedding.  After moving to the US, Mayka devoted herself to raising her two beautiful children, and in 2005 became a consultant for LASIK patients.  She’s guided thousands of patients through this magical operation.  Then, since 2010, she’s been a member of BEI.  A woman of many talents, she explores the beauty of California, is in the loop on everything, and always has something to talk about, but on your behalf is instead interested in these issues:

LASIK:  determining if you’re a candidate Financing through Chase HealthCare or CareCredit All before and after operation

Mayka is the refractive surgery go-to at Benjamin Eye.  As a certified assistant, she helps Dr. Benjamin during the operations, and speaks five languages .


Lana was born in Moscow, where she received an education in engineering.  Upon arrival to the US, however, she chose for herself the field of ophthalmology.  Lana became a member of the team back in 2001 and has since become an integral part.  Her free time she spends with family, as she has two kids, and also pursues a lot of her own interests.  Lana is the doctor’s right hand, as well, knowing everything down to the last detail.  She can help with:

Collecting your health-related data Choosing glasses or contact lenses Coordinating preoperative tests Assisting during operations Calibrating lasers


Serine is not a beginner in this field.  Previously, she worked in ophthalmology at the Nairi Medical Center in Yerevan, Armenia, where she was very popular as a specialist.  She plans on continuing her career in Los Angeles in this capacity.


One of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met, Gevorg was born and raised in Armenia.  He was head of the branch of a German bank in Yerevan, having graduated from the Institute of Economics and Finance in St. Petersburg.  Soon after moving to the US in 2013, fate brought him to BEI, where he now happily helps patients address financial issues, an area where his level of competence is clearly beyond competition.


Alexandru was born in Chisinau, Moldova, where he received a higher education in economics.  He’s lived in Los Angeles since 2014, and now studies business and administration here.  He also has a wealth of experience in management.  In 2016, he found himself part of the evolving and dynamic team at Benjamin Eye.  “It’s been a wonderful experience, helping people see the beauty of the world.”  He also speaks four languages.


Like everyone in the group, Nonna is a very interesting person.  She dedicates her leisure to professional photography, specializing in family.  I think a sense of beauty brought her to the team, considering the BEI slogan – “Life is beautiful – See it!


Our online journey is finished. I hope, you will soon come into the office – offline, so to speak.  Until we meet again, and congrats Dr. Benjamin!

V. Koyfman