Caring for Your Glasses

Published: 2023-05-16

There are many ways to clean your glasses, but did you know that the most common method, wiping your glasses with your shirt, can damage the lenses? There is most likely a lot of dust on your shirt that has the potential to scratch the lenses of your glasses, and over time can make the lenses dull and foggy. There are many cleaning solutions that may be recommended by your optometrist. However, the best way to clean your glasses is more readily available then you may think.

Using water and a small drop of dishwashing soap is the most effective way of cleaning your glasses without harming the lenses. Run your glasses under some water, and use your fingertips to create a lather with the soap. Then dry them off with a soft cotton cloth.

Plastic lenses are much more common than glass lenses in recent years. Plastic is much easier to scratch, so those with plastic lenses should take extra are to make sure their lenses do not get scratched. Lenses typically have a protective film over them which should never come into contact with any window cleaner, vinegar, or cleaning solutions containing bleach or ammonia. If you'd like to avoid this problem, you can request your glasses come with the UV protection and anti-glare embedded within the lens, which will generally cost around $100 more than regular-coated lenses.

To make sure they are always at their full potential, we recommend washing your glasses every morning. The natural oils from you face, hands and eyelashes that comes in contact with your lenses can build up, not to mention many other environmental factors that can decrease the quality of your lenses.