Corneal Inlays

Published: 2023-05-16

What are Corneal Inlays?

Although not yet approved by the FDA, corneal inlays represent a new direction in refractive surgery.

How are Corneal Inlays Implanted?

A corneal inlay is a very thin plastic lens that is implanted into the cornea. During the procedure, the following steps are performed in order to provide patients with better, clearer vision.

A femtosecond laser, such as the IntraLase, is used to create a precise corneal pocket.Once the pocket is created, the inlay is inserted.The coreal inlay is integrated into the cornea and affords the patient both distance and near vision correction.

Are Corneal Inlays Right for You?

Corneal inlay procedures are now undergoing FDA trials in the U.S. and are not available for wide use. Preliminary results show this to be an exciting new approach to the treatment of presbyopia.

While the promise of this technology is intriguing, as with all new things, we recommend a wait and see approach until more studies have been done on its safety, effectiveness, and longevity.

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