Cost of LASIK

Published: 2023-05-16

Cost can be an important, and often overwhelming factor when deciding whether or not to have LASIK surgery. On this page, we outline what you need to know about this important investment, along with how to choose the right practice for your procedure.

What you need to know about investing in your vision

The price of LASIK eye surgery varies quite a bit, depending on where you have the procedure done and which performs the surgery. The following factors make a substantial difference when determining the final cost of LASIK in Los Angeles:

The level of vision correction required. The cost of your procedure will depend on how poor your eyesight is. If your vision is very poor, you will pay more than someone with a milder problem.

The technology. The newer and more advanced the technology used during your procedure, the most expensive it will be. At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we leverage the latest advancements in the field to ensure our patients have access to the highest-quality version of the procedure available. When evaluating practices for LASIK, be sure to request a breakdown of the technologies used and how they impact your final cost.

The surgeon's skill. The final factor that plays a large part in determining the cost of your procedure is the skill level of your surgeon. If you select a very experienced surgeon, (which we recommend), you can expect to pay for that expertise.

Because the factors that contribute to the cost of your procedure will also impact its effectiveness and safety, we strongly advise against looking for a heavily discounted version of LASIK. The procedure involves eliminating tissue and cannot be undone, so it's critical that you choose an experienced surgeon with a high level of expertise, along with a safe and well-regarded facility. Selecting a practice for your procedure is an extremely important decision, one in which quality – not cost – should be the primary deciding factor

How to choose a practice for your LASIK procedure

When choosing a practice for your LASIK procedure, it's important to thoroughly interview the surgeon and ensure that you have a full understanding of the costs involved. To begin, you want to assess your surgeon's expertise. Where did he go to medical school? Did he complete any fellowships? How many LASIK procedures has he performed in the past? Try to gauge his level of skill. Don't be afraid to ask for references from other patients.

Once you're comfortable with the surgeon, inquire about the facility where your procedure will be performed and the technology that will be used. Does he leverage the latest advancements in the field, or is the technology a bit dated? What can he tell you about his facility that conveys its safety?

If you like both the surgeon and the facility, you'll next want to take a closer look at the quote provided. We recommend asking the following questions to make sure there are no surprises when you receive the final bill:

What is not included in this quote?

Does this quote include one or both eyes?

How many pre-op and post-op visits are included?

Is the cost of prescription medications included?

Are temporary eyeglasses or contacts required? How much do they cost?

Once you have answers to all of those questions for a couple of different practices, review your findings and make an informed decision based on the information you've gathered and who you feel is most qualified to perform your procedure.

Understanding the cost of LASIK at the Benjamin Eye Institute

No two sets of eyes are the same, so pricing for LASIK eye surgery cost in Los Angeles may vary slightly between patients. If more advanced treatment is needed, there may be a higher cost involved. Conversely, if you only require a slight improvement in your vision to obtain freedom from glasses and contacts, your procedure may be more affordable. During your initial consultation at the Benjamin Eye Institute, we will thoroughly explain the treatment options required for your eyes and make sure you understand your anticipated investment so there are no surprises.

Complementary financing for two years

We understand the price of LASIK can be intimidating. However, we urge you to remember that this is your vision, and you need to take optimal care of it. Though we do not offer discount surgeries, we do accept third-party, 0% interest financing for two years through Care Credit. Apply for credit approval on their website today to determine if you qualify for this offer.