LenSx laser cataract surgery

Published: 2023-05-16

LenSx is a form of laser-assisted cataract surgery. It's a powerful, ultra-precise laser that delivers a safe and effective way to manage your condition.

The laser

The LenSx Laser was the first femtosecond laser system to be approved by the FDA for cataract surgery performed in the U.S., and it is far more accurate than manual cataract surgery techniques. It first takes detailed images of your eye to help your surgeon plan a procedure that's completely customized for you. During the actual procedure, a bladeless, computer-controlled laser will guide the surgeon to ensure the utmost precision.


  • Increased precision. The LenSx laser makes precise incisions for cataract surgery, particularly when compared to manual techniques.
  • Safe. The corneal incisions and removal of cataracts can be performed entirely with the laser, without the need for a surgical blade.
  • Customizable. A computer-guided laser system, the LenSx allows your surgeon to completely customize your surgery to meet your needs.

The procedure

To prepare for laser cataract surgery with the LenSx laser, Dr. Benjamin and his team will first use the system to create a sophisticated and highly detailed image of your eye, called an optical coherence tomography (OCT). This will allow him to create a precise incision at a specific location, depth and length, without any room for error.

The actual procedure will begin with a capsulotomy. Your eye's natural lens is surrounded by a capsule. During cataract surgery, a portion of this capsule must be removed so the surgeon can access the cataract. During laser cataract surgery, the LenSx Laser is used to perform the capsulotomy, which increases the likelihood that the tissue remains intact and capable of holding the artificial lens implant.

Once the capsulotomy has been performed, Dr. Benjamin and his team will use the laser to soften and breakup the cataract into smaller pieces that are easier to remove. If you suffer from an astigmatism as well, the laser can also be used to create tiny incisions on the cornea to relax the eye and create a rounder, more natural shape.

Your recovery

After laser cataract surgery with the LenSx Laser, you will be free to return home to begin the healing process right away. However, Dr. Benjamin and his team will want to see you back at the Los Angeles office within a few days so he can monitor your progress and ensure you're healing properly.

During the initial recovery period, you'll need to use eye drops as prescribed to protect against infection and inflammation. You should also avoid certain activities, such as driving, swimming and heavy lifting. Within several days, you should notice a marked improvement in your vision.