ReSTOR/Restor Active Focus

Published: 2023-05-16

ReSTOR IOL lens affords Los Angeles cataract surgery patients restoration of vision at all focal lengths from near through distance.

Dr. Benjamin is a leader in implantation of the ReSTOR IOL and was the first cataract surgeon in Los Angeles to implant the ReSTOR lens in private practice. Dr. Benjamin has helped thousands of Los Angeles ReSTOR IOLs patients obtain excellent vision and rid themselves of reading glasses with multi-focal intraocular lens implants.

At the Benjamin Eye Institute, 98% of Los Angeles ReSTOR IOLs patients never used glasses again for any activity (compared with 80% in the FDA trials). This improvement is due to improved astigmatism management, usually through Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI). At the BEI, 97% (96% in FDA studies) of patients would have this procedure again if given the choice.


  • Excellent near and distance vision


  • Chance of halos and glare, which go away in time
  • Fair intermediate vision

Dr. Arthur Benjamin is also recognized as a leading Los Angeles laser cataract surgeon who helps restore the vision of cataracts patients with the placement of premium IOLs, including Toric IOLs, Tecnis IOLs and Crystalens.

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