Today at Benjamin Eye Institute

Published: 2022-12-19

There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working, particularly at Benjamin Eye Institute with their lovely patients and staff.

Today at Benjamin Eye Institute

Today at Benjamin Eye Institute

Just the other day, we said that July 20th, 2016, would never happen again. Incidentally, the 4th of August won’t happen again, either. So how did this unforgettable day go, here at Benjamin Eye?

On the front lines, Mayka writes down something important. Aleksander then either receives the patient or checks them out.

I thought I saw some delicacies: roasted and salted almonds, marinated lobster, and chicken with wine (coq au vin), or at least some duck cracklings… but they were just rocks. Since I’m not Demosthenes, I lost interest immediately.

The famous laser center. It is here that they corrected my vision after a reckless visit to another doctor.

Lana (aka Sveta) is our most important assistant. She sits behind a desk. It’s such a pleasant blue, and it catches the eye of everyone who comes in, especially those after surgery.

Serine does a refraction (measures vision to select the proper glasses) on a patient who looks suspiciously similar to a movie star. Let’s get a little closer…

It looks like I was right. Not Jolie, but just as attractive. Maybe even more so.

The same laser center from the side. Beyond the computer, you can see Serine and a guy busily moving about. Let’s get a little closer again…

The guy turned out to be Aleksander, but as I walked slowly up to the computer I see Dr. Benjamin and Lana discussing something important. But now they are laughing; how quickly things change! They evidently don’t notice their photographer.


Well, for what it’s worth, I must go. I previously drank three cups of coffee, and the rocks were bitter, just like I thought. The day wasn’t easy, but it was joyful. It’s always nice to see beautiful people at work.

Dear August 4th, we will never forget you!



Text: S. Varo Translation: Richard Grenwelge

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