Published: 2022-11-16

The process of turning vitamins into powder isn't that straightforward, and attempting to make it at home would be similar to attempting to make any other medication, so you can't just smash the pills up. Though, Benjamin Eye Institute has found a powder company and has added this formula to the wide range of products and services that are already available. 



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I can’t stand huge pills.  You can’t just shatter them with a hammer?  It turns into powder. 

You can’t just smash the pills up, because the process of transforming vitamins into powder isn’t that simple, and trying to do it at home would be like trying to manufacture any other medication.  Bioavailability is the process by which the drug is delivered to the proper organs in the right doses, and when you crush tablets or gut a capsule the effects are unpredictable.

So when the consistency breaks, so does the formula?

Well, if it were so easy to make this stuff, then they’d have tablets for those who love tablets, capsules for those who loves capsules, powder, sprays, etc.  But it doesn’t work like that.  Benjamin Eye Institute, though, has found a powder company and we’ve added this formula to the wide range of products and services we already have available.  Sadly this is not covered by insurance and isn’t very cheap, but the main thing is that it isn’t empty talk, as is the case with many useless vitamins on the market.

How much does it cost?

It costs about the same as vitamins at the store – $30-$40.  Soon they will be available through our website so you can order from home, and not have to come down to the office.  You don’t need to make that diagnosis yourself, though.

Last question.  Do the vitamins have a preventative function?  And in general what can we do to prevent or postpone AMD?

There are many factors – if you have blue eyes, farsightedness, or your grandfather or grandmother had it, you’re predisposed.  But don’t wait for the disease to manifest itself – do something about it beforehand.  Don’t smoke, eat your vegetables, monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol, wear sunglasses, and if you already have AMD, take the proper vitamins.  And the wise people will visit the ophthalmologist first.

S. V.