Published: 2022-11-15

It takes a while to find a trustworthy source of information. In our blog, a large team is in charge of this and thoroughly investigates each issue before making it available to the public. We do this so you can get answers to all the intriguing things you forgot to ask at the visit, not so you can self-treat and make independent diagnoses.



Creating content for the blog

In order to form a list of questions for the doctor, a journalist talks to patients to find out what topics are most important to them.

Whenever the Benjamin Eye Institute develops a new treatment or technology (which happens quite frequently), Dr. Arthur Benjamin is either interviewed about the new product or a separate article is written by the journalist based on press releases from the manufacturer, in which Dr. Benjamin provides his opinion and shares important details. 

Criteria for selecting an article

Before publication, each article undergoes a rigorous data review. The process involves researching the topic, consulting alternative sources, and obtaining feedback from scientists, physicians, and patients. Updates are made to outdated medical content as soon as new information is available.

Criteria for material comparison

In addition to the most recent medical research (with an emphasis on ophthalmology, of course), we also look at recommendations made by highly reputable health organizations and the most recent statistics.

By using lively, descriptive language, we avoid simplification and never misrepresent objective information.

What makes our authors unique

In this tandem of authors, professional ophthalmologists and professional journalists present information in the best possible way, creating the most reliable source of information.

Our content is created based on what our patients, real and potential, want to learn about.

How to use the blog

You won't find your diagnosis there, for that you must go see the doctor. It is hard to find the information we provide anywhere else. A lot of patients fail to ask the doctor all of their questions during a visit, and many questions pop up when the patient is already home.

With a blog, keeping in touch with your doctor is easier. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that the doctor knows the case better than any blog, and your case may differ from those described.

When you need urgent care, make sure you contact the doctor or emergency services, and not consult the blog.

Advertising policy

We do not receive any outside funding to describe any new product. Everything we tell you about is either a noteworthy innovation in ophthalmology or a new technology used at Benjamin Eye Institute. Our content is not influenced by any external factors, we determine it ourselves.

Your feedback

If you have questions about any of the topics within our purview, we are always happy to answer. Any constructive ideas to improve the blog will be gratefully received.