Your Vision, an Art and Science – Christoph Ensures You See and Look Your Best!

Published: 2023-10-25

Our Optical Boutique at Benjamin Eye Institute is thriving, and it's all thanks to your trust and the exceptional dedication of our very own Julie Zarrin. With over five years of unwavering commitment, Julie has nurtured lasting client relationships, providing expertise and care that remain unmatched. Now, allow us to introduce Christoph Johnson, our brilliant new addition. 

Your Vision, an Art and Science – Christoph Ensures You See and Look Your Best!

At Benjamin Eye Institute, we understand that correcting your vision with glasses is both an art and a science. The world of eyewear can be intricate and multifaceted, with a myriad of options in progressives, specialized lenses, and coatings. Making sense of these choices can be challenging.

That's where Christoph Johnson, our seasoned optical expert, steps in. With over 17 years of experience, Christoph has mastered the art and science of eyewear. He excels at:

🎨 Crafting Your Perfect Look: Christoph ensures that your eyewear not only enhances your vision but also complements your personal style. It's about feeling and looking your absolute best.

🔬 Precision Vision Solutions: Christoph is here to guide you through the complex landscape of specialized lenses and coatings, tailoring them to your unique needs. It's the science behind crystal-clear vision.

👓 Over 40 and Need Multifocal Glasses? No problem! Christoph specializes in multifocal lenses, making sure you experience seamless vision, whether up close or at a distance. Don't let past experiences with progressives deter you—Christoph is here to change your perception.

But that's not all - we have an exclusive offer for you! Enjoy a fantastic 10% OFF on Tom Ford sunglasses, personally curated by Christoph.

📞 Schedule with Christoph: 310.275.5533

Discover the difference personalized eyewear service can make.