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Published: 2023-05-16

The Benjamin Eye Institute is a full service comprehensive eye care center providing care to Studio City residents as well as patients from theGreater Los Angeles area. Whether you need an eye exam or require emergency evaluation or treatment, our caring and professional staff ishere to help.

Benjamin Eye Institute location provides a full range of eye care services to our clients. Our ophthalmologists will perform a detailed eyeexam and determine prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses or, if you so choose, advise you on whether corrective surgery is right for you.Our eye state of the art eye care center is equipped with the latest in advanced technology for testing and treatment for cataracts,glaucoma, diabetes-related eye issues and other conditions.

Our practice features a unique climate and humidity controlled Lasik suite with the latest vision correction femtosecond Intralase and excimerWavelight Allegretto lasers.

For those who are seeking non-surgical means of We also provide some non-surgical cosmetic services, such as dermal fillers and botox. Atthe Benjamin Eye Institute, we're committed to helping our patients see well and be well. We strongly believe in complete transparency andfocus on educating clients about lifestyle and other choices that may impact their eye health. We aim to help our clients make informeddecisions about treatment and other issues related to their vision.


In the past quarter of the century LASIK has become a household word. Modern LASIK is painless and safe. LASIK is a procedure thatdoctors don't just do on their patients, but on their loved ones and themselves. In fact, Dr. Arthur Benjamin has performed LASIK on hisbrother (dentist), mother, mother-in-law, 24 yo daughter and has had LASIK himself Dr. Arthur Benjamin undergoing LASIK Surgery atBenjamin Eye Institute . While LASIK now holds the promise of actually giving patients better vision than possible with glasses or contacts itis not for everyone. That is why we have an on premises optical boutique featuring a hand curated collection of designer frames and highquality specialty lenses.

If you are contemplating having Lasik eye surgery, there are some things you should consider before taking the step. First of all, theprofessionals at Benjamin Eye Institute want you to know that Lasik eye surgery has improved throughout the years it has been in use. And,because of Lasik eye many people are less dependent upon corrective eyewear like glasses and contact lenses. When you are considering Lasikeye surgery, it is wise to do your homework and speak with a professional before having the procedure done.

This is where Benjamin Eye Institute comes in. We insist upon all our prospective patients meeting with Benjamin Eye Institute 's Lasik eyesurgery specialists for your FREE initial consultation. We advise our patients to bring their questions and concerns so you will be a well-informed and knowledgeable patient. You will want the doctor to cover all aspects of Lasik eye surgery to include what to expect during allstages from pre-operative examination to the surgical procedure and the post-operative stage. In addition, with the professional team atBenjamin Eye Institute you can rest assured that we will be able to handle everything skillfully because of our extraordinary expertise inLasik and other ocular surgical procedures. Statistics indicate that successful outcomes relate directly to surgeon experience. This isanother good reason why Studio City' residents choose Benjamin Eye Institute . Studio City' residents know quality when they see it, andthey regard Benjamin Eye Institute as the finest quality Lasik surgery facility in the region. Because eyes in, persons 18 years old andyounger are still changing these patients are not considered to be candidates for Lasik eye surgery. Other people may have certainconditions that may be contraindicated for Lasik. This is why we recommend that you consult with our doctors and have a thoroughexamination to determine if you are a viable candidate for Lasik eye surgery. Benjamin Eye Institute will take all the time required to ensurethat you understand all the risks involved with Lasik eye surgery. Further, we will educate each and every patient as to how safe Lasik eyesurgery has become. To learn more about Lasik eye surgery, call Benjamin Eye Institute today for an appointment.

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