Published: 2022-11-15

Our guiding philosophy and fundamental principles, on which all our work inside the Benjamin Eye Institute is based. We open your eyes to a stunning universe, all you have to do is to see.


Our mission, goals, philosophy, vision and values are not just clichés, even though they can appear that way. For us, these are conscious principles. Our team members at Benjamin Eye Institute are sincerely dedicated to sharing our vision, which is to do everything to make the patient happier. No doubt, bringing this into life is far harder than merely declaring it. Judging from the feedback of the people we have helped to see much better than ever before, we are able to live up to our values. Which are those exactly?

First. Evidence-based medicine. Facts, research, and evidence should guide our decisions, not feelings or superstitions. A paradigm of this type requires other components as well.

Second. High technology. It is crucial to have equipment that measures, scans, and diagnoses as accurately as possible. From the very beginning, our goal has always been to have only the best.

Technologies are constantly progressing and evolving, so there is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime machine. We buy the latest smart machines and immediately replace them as soon as something better comes along.

Third. Perfection. Doctors cannot stop studying. Performing surgery using new technology requires learning and investment. Development and evolution of the office cannot be achieved without investment of both time and money.

It is not enough to read medical journals and attend meetings and conferences. There are Skills Transfer Courses, without which the surgeon is simply unable to progress. There are no surgeries that Dr. Benjamin performs today that he was taught in residency 25 years ago. Moreover, he doesn't perform even those procedures that were practiced five years ago using old technology.

Fourth. Stepping out of the comfort zone. This sacred zone is difficult to leave for many doctors. To put it simply, why should a doctor learn some new method if they are already doing well? They do a cataract surgery in five minutes, they have patients, so what else is needed? However, learning new things is inevitable and unavoidable for a good doctor, and it always causes stress.

Fifth. Team. No matter how good the doctor is, a strong team of professionals, from the front desk to technicians and opticians, is a must. Our office has 15 employees with an average tenure of 15 years, and some have been with Dr. Benjamin for 22 years. The combined experience of the Benjamin Eye Institute team members amounts to hundreds of years.


When Dr. Benjamin started using the new Ngenuity visualization system (which provides a 3D visualization of the patient's eye) instead of the usual screen, he had to adjust to the new technology. True excitement and satisfaction come later, when the surgeon has already mastered the unique technique to perfection.

(Credit to https://professional.myalcon.com/vitreoretinal-surgery/visualization/ngenuity-3d-system/)

It is all done to hear the patient say: “I have never seen so clearly in my life!”. Many doctors who have mastered some technology step aside to avoid spending additional time and money. But now the Beverly Hills Surgery Center and Dr. Benjamin have a huge advantage over them.


Since our doctor is able to see far beyond the limits of an analog microscope with the NGENUITY system during a surgery, the outcome is more accurate and possible complications are limited to a statistically insignificant minimum. Moreover, this technology, which is similar to virtual reality, is used by the entire doctor's team.

Everyone, from patients to anesthetists to students, realizes that everything is being done with the latest technology, here and now. After all, such an advanced visualization system is good not only for the doctor, who can complete a surgery without having tired hands and hurting back. It provides a safe and reliable means of getting the best results for the patient.

The Benjamin Eye Institute slogan perfectly embodies our vision, philosophy, and values: